Bulging Discs
The majority of people don't know that a
bulging disc is essentially a herniated disc.
The disc appears to bulge out, making the term an
easy one to understand.  Your spinal vertebrae are
separated by...more about bulging discs

Degenerative Discs
When the ability for your discs to to take in
the nutrition that they must have to function
normally quits working, the disc then begins
to die...more about degenerative discs

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Avoid Back and Neck Surgery

Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Bulging Discs, Herniated Discs, Degenerative Disc Disease and Disc-Related Symptoms


                                                                The Underlying Cause of Your Condition is Waiting for you to Discover

                         The patient who is enduring the pain from a degenerative disc, herniated disc, bulging disc, sciatica or stenosis, just wants their life back.
                         Most healthcare providers are focused on the diagnosis, therefore, they teach their patients to focus on their symptoms in order to gain
                         insight to the problem.  The result of focusing on the symptoms is that only the symptoms are treated, and that approach doesn’t solve the
                         reason that the symptoms exist for the patient.

                         The therapies you have attempted so far (physical therapy, chiropractic, epidural injections, spinal surgery, etc) have failed to provide you
                         lasting relief because your fundamental problem has not been addressed by the medical community.

                         Carolina Disc Associates is a ground breaking facility that focuses directly on the underlying problem.  We have helped many patients just
                         like yourself avoid back or neck surgery.  Our NDR Method® is an innovation for treating the underlying problem that produces

                         degenerative disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, bulging discs, herniated discs and disc-related conditions...without surgery....Learn More

To avoid back and neck surgery and find out if you are a candidate
for the NDR Method®, contact Carolina Disc Associates.

An undeniable step forward in the treatment of serious disc conditions...

All of the following conditions are usually the result of a single fundamental problem

that we, at Carolina Disc Associates focus on with our NDR Method®

The Founder and CEO of Carolina Disc Associates, Dr. Eric Shapiro, DC, wants to convey/express to both you and the public the importance of recognizing the difference between the symptoms you are experiencing and the underlying cause of those symptoms.  Understanding the starting point is the key to realizing why your condition isn’t improving for yourself and others.

Spinal Stenosis
A condition that develops when disc material
or bone occupy the space designed for your
spinal cord.  The narrowing of the spinal cord
space....more about stenosis

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Herniated Discs
A herniated disc is commonly referred to as a
"slipped disc".  When a disc herniates, it has
extended beyond the borders in which it was
designed to stay in...more about herniated discs

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Carolina Disc Associates has a

96% success rate in helping our typical patients avoid surgery.

Numbness and Tingling
Numbness that is felt in the arms, hands legs
or feet can often be a sign that there is a
serious disc condition.  Numbness and
tingling occur when nerves exiting your
spine...more about numbness and tingling

The pain from the sciatic nerve is most
commonly caused by the pinching of the nerve
by a disc bulge and/or herniation.  This
"pinching" may also cause other symptoms,
such as numbness and tingling anywhere
between your back and feet...more about

Surgery is Not Your Only Option...
This May Be the Innovation You Have Been Trying to Find.

Many people, perhaps you are one of them, have suffered with a spinal disc condition for a long period of time.  The number of people suffering is also growing. Over 5 million patients are diagnosed each year with a disc condition. You, and others like you, do not give up hope on a solution, which is why so many patients keep going from one recommended treatment to another.  Over the past months or years, you have expended a lot of time, energy and money in an effort to alleviate the pain associated with your disc condition.  Most people have tried physical therapy, epidural injections, acupuncture, chiropractic, laser therapy and many have even had surgery (laminectomy, discectomy, fusion), hoping that their problem will finally be remedied. 

One medical research study after another brings about the same conclusion.  Doctors and patients are not treating the source of the problem, only the resulting symptoms.  The true source of the problem gets passed over, and is never addressed in standard treatment protocols.  The treatments that are focusing on the symptoms allow your disc to continue to die, not heal.  This is the main reason that nothing seems to provide you, and others like you, lasting results. 

If this sounds like the situation you have found yourself in, rest assured, you are not alone.  Countless patients have been in similar circumstances, and have found lasting results with our NDR Method®.

Carolina Disc Associates
Dr. Eric Shapiro, DC

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